Blademy Ambassadors

Since the inception of Blademy, we have attracted some of the best innovators, connectors and leaders this generation has to offer.

They have helped propel Blademy from a little idea in Houston, Texas to an internationally recognized brand and we are truly privileged to have such a supportive and engaging community behind us.

Because of them we built the Blademy Ambassador program. We created this program to empower people who inspire us to do even bigger things. Our ambassadors are connectors, hustlers, storytellers, and innovators from around the world.

For us, connection is where it all starts. Blademy ambassador receive early and exclusive access to all things Blademy. This means access to development tools, resources, the ability to test new features, freebies and a humongous Blademy support system. As an ambassador you will have the ability to make a meaningful impact within the Blademy community and help drive Blademy in the right direction. So get ready to connect.

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